Redwood Policies

Redwood Design Ltd manufactures all products in-house where possible ensuring that the highest quality standards are achieved. We have a team of highly skilled staff who have received certificates, diplomas & degrees in their designated areas such as Cabinet Making, Machining, Polishing, Solid Surface Fabrication and Furniture & Product Design.
All products are fully inspected before they leave the factory by the factory foreman to ensure that the high standards that both we & our customer expect have been achieved.

Where sub-contractors are being used for manufacturing Glass, steel etc Redwood only uses suppliers that they have a longstanding working relationship with thus ensuring that they are aware & compliant with Redwood quality standards.

Redwood is currently in the process of implementing ISO9001


Environmental policy

Redwood Design Ltd is a fully certified FSC ® company. The Forest Stewardship Council ® is an international organisation that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.


In addition to this all our waste is separated in the factory into wood, glass, steel etc before being taken off site by Thorntons Recycling for recycling.

Redwood are consistently evolving and improving their business to ensure it meets the latest standards in all areas. One of the key pushes forward more recently has been in the area of the recycling and environmental responsibility.

One way Redwood has adapted to this important issues to install a Biomass furnace at our factory, which now heats the 10,000 square feet area and facilities. This is achieved by using sawdust and wood-chip by-products from the company's manufacturing and nearly eliminates the consumption of fossil fuel for heating. The sawdust is captured by the extraction system and combined with ground up wood scraps and chips. These chips and particles are transported into a silo and then fed into the furnace as needed. Redwood Design is proud to adopt an alternative energy approach and invest in new sustainable technology. Thanks to this, all the company's wood waste is used as fuel, it is not added to landfills, nor is there energy consumption or expense incurred in its removal.

The only hazardous waste that we generate is from paints & lacquers which is taken away from site & disposed of according to EU regulations by Soltec Ireland Ltd. Where possible we use water based products or products with low VOC content.

In addition to this Redwood will comply fully with the Environmental policy of the Main Contractor on site.